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Clifton House MysteryBaker Street Boys (The)Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, TheBigfoot (Harry) and the Hendersons
Art AttackDick TurpinSapphire and SteelH R Puff

2012 Update!!!
Has it really been six years since the site was updated? Watch this space!
Meanwhile, checkout these cool cartoon character hats - if you would like one for yourself then head over to where you can order a hand-made crochet hats for any of your favourire characters. There is also a Facebook page here

from the sausagenet forums in October 2006 ...

So I have this memory of an animated tv movie with a little girl that meets a greenish creature that may be called a pollywog... and his people are afraid of the 'snake people', which turn out to be stone. I think it came out sometime in the 80s or 90s... Visit the forum or email me if you know the answer.

Given the right conditions, and a good following wind, you can now play Speccy games here!
Desperately Seeking...
The Enchanted Castle!

Someone must have this on Video or DVD transfer - please email me - I have loads of swaps!

Children's Drama Series Based on the E Nesbit book of the same name... marble statues and dinosaurs coming to life at night-time; an audience of terrifying-looking creatures (called Ugly Wugglies) made of mops and brooms coming to life at the end of a play; four children called Gerald, Cathy, Jimmy and Mabel; a princess and a magic ring ...

FREE Tape to DVD conversion ...

I'm always on the look for tapes of programs that aren't currently available to buy. If you have any VHS tapes from years ago, with programs NOT already on sausageNet, then contact me.  You can send me the tape, and in return I'll send you back a DVD of your tape... and you'll get your tape back.

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