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Galaxy HighGalaxy High (Animation)  (USA) 
Galaxy High School was based on the asteroid Flotor. The resident earthlings and stars of the show were Doyle Cleverlobe and Aimee Brighttower. Other students included a five-mouthed gossipmonger, a blob of oil, and a sophomore class comprised entirely of tomatoes.
Galloping Galaxies (Live Action)  (UK)  (1980's) 
Comedy in space.
Gamesmaster (Live Action)  (UK)  (1990's) 
Compter games gameshow
Garfield (Animation)  (USA) 
Sarcastic ginger feline
Garfield and Friends (Animation)  (USA)  (1980's) 
Gemini Factor (Live Action)  (UK)  (1980's) 
Lee and Leah are both fourteen years old, and share the same birthday. They were both found abandoned as babies - separately - and with each of them had been left a ring depicting half a yin-yang symbol. As soon as they come within a few miles of one another they start experiencing visions of one another's experiences. The revelation that they were in fact twins came as little of a surprise, especially after the CITV presenter's introductory announcement that the series was about "a brother and sister with telepathic powers".
Gentle Ben (Live Action)  (USA)  (1960's) 
A young boy and his best friend - a grizzly bear named Ben.
Georgian House, The (UK)  (1970's) 
A spooky 7 part series shown in 1976, in which 2 students are transported back in time in order to help a child slave.
Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet (Animation)  (UK)  (2000 >) 
New version of Captain Scarlet.
Get Fresh (Live Action+Puppets)  (UK)  (1980's) 
Saturday morning Kids TV program featuring Gaz Topp, and Gilbert the snotty Alien.
Get it Together ! (UK)  (1970's) 
Basil Brush's "Uncle Roy" (Roy North) presented this Pop Music show for kids - it even made Cheggers Plays Pop look decent !
Get Your Own Back (Live Action)  (UK)  (1990's) 
Hugely popular children’s entertainer Dave Benson-Philips was the mischievous presenter of ‘Get Your Own Back’. Messy, slimy, slapstick, fun - the chaotic children’s game show had the ultimate aim of allowing one of the lucky kids to mercilessly plunge their adult co-contestant into the gunge tank…
Ghost and Mrs.Muir (Live Action) 
A sit-com in which a young woman receives timely advice from a friendly ghost.
Ghostbusters (70s live action) (Live Action)  (UK)  (1970's) 
In 1975, before the blockbuster movie, Filmation made the original version of Ghostbusters. Starring Larry Storch as Eddie Spencer and Forest Tucker as Jake Kong, it also featured Tracy the gorilla (played by Bob Burns in a gorilla suit!) It was a kind of slapstick comedy - each episode would begin with Spencer and Tracey bringing back an item from a hardware store, which would contain a recorded mission from 'Zero' ... then follows the old 'this message will self destruct' routine. There was only one series made in 1975. When the 1984 movie Ghostbusters was such a big hit, Filmation, who owned the copyright on the Ghostbusters name, tried to revive their original concept with a cartoon version, called ... Ghostbusters. This featured an animated Tracey, but Spencer and Tracey had been replaced by their sons, Jake and Eddy. Columbia, who also wanted to cash in on thier movie success, relased an animated version with the same characters as the movie, which they ironically called 'The Real Ghostbusters'.
Ghostbusters (Filmation) (Animation)  (USA)  (1980's) 
In 1975, before the blockbuster movie, Filmation had made the original live-actionm version of Ghostbusters. When the 1984 movie Ghostbusters was such a big hit, Filmation, who owned the copyright on the Ghostbusters name, tried to revive their original concept with a cartoon version, called ... Ghostbusters. This featured a gorilla called Tracey, and characters Jake, Eddy, Belfry the Bat, Futura, and Jessica. Columbia, who also wanted to cash in on thier movie success.
Ghostbusters, The Real (Animation)  (USA) 
Cartoon spin off from the successful movie franchise
Ghosts of Motley HallGhosts of Motley Hall (Live Action)  (UK) 
There has been an Uproar at Motley Hall since the days of Queen Elizabeth the First. And although the dust now lies thick on its historic floors and weeds choke its once-fine gardens, there are Uproars still at Motley Hall. The house imposing, grand, decaying, unused, is not yet quite empty.
Gideon (Animation)  (Europe)  (1970's) 
Gideon originated as a series of French storybooks in the 1920s, under the name Gédéon. In the 1970s French television produced the cartoon series, which then appears to have been sold to the UK and made into an English-language version. Narrated by Tim Brooke-Taylor, this fairly basic animation centered around Gideon, who was a duck with an unusually long neck. It seems Gideon's abnormality was the subject of cruel taunts and jibes from the other ducks - who all had normal length necks - but good always came out in the end.
Gift(the) (Live Action)  (UK)  (1990's) 
The Gift is about a boy who discovers that he has the power to read other peoples thoughts called "The Gift". It starts off in london where he lives with his mother/father and sister. His mother and father are going through a bad time, so they send the kids to Wales to stay with the grandmother /grandfather . In Wales the boy first encounters a man called "Wolf" and so the story begins .
Gilbert's Fridge
Green monster with a serious snot problem!
Gingerbread Man, The (Animation)  (UK)  (1990's) 
A newly baked Gingerbread Man is left to cool on the kitchen dresser where he soon makes friends with Salt and Pepper and Herr Von Cuckoo, who lives in the clock on the wall.
Girl From Tomorrow(the) (Live Action)  (1980's) 
Alana, a teen-aged girl from the year 3000, finds herself trapped in 1990 with a criminal from the year 2500. Alone and confused, she befriends a spirited girl named Jenny Kelly. Together they attempt to track down the time capsule which brought her there, while evading Silverthorn, the villain into whose hands it appears to have fallen.
Give Us A Clue (Live Action)  (UK)  (1970's) 
Basically charades with celebrities
Go With Noakes ! (Live Action)  (UK)  (1970's) 
BBC cameras followed Blue Peter presenter John Noakes in a spin off series of daring feats.
God's Wonderful Railway (Live Action)  (UK)  (1980's) 
GWR - "God's Wonderful Railway". Period Story set in the 1940's of a family who lived and worked on the Severn Valley Railway .
GodzillaGodzilla (Animation) 
Up from the depths, 30 stories high - breathing fire - his head in the sky .... a Monster ! Godzilla ! and Godzucki .... Godzucki was to Godzilla what Scrappy (Dappy) Doo was to Scooby Doo - a pathetic irritation introduced to widen the appeal to 'the kids'
Gogs! (Animation)  (UK)  (1990's) 
Short stories about a prehistoric family
Going Live! (Live Action+Puppets)  (UK)  (1980's) 
Philip Scofield..Sarah Greene...Gordon the Gopher SQUEAK!and Trevor and Simon....Swing your pants man!
Goober & the Ghost ChasersGoober & the Ghost Chasers (Animation)  (USA) 
The guys from Ghost Chasers Magazine - Ted, Jilly and Tina investigated ghostly goings-on, very much like the Scooby Doo gang. When their cowardly dog - Goober - got scared, he became invisible.
Goosebumps (Live Action)  (USA) 
Scary kids show based on the best selling series of books by R. L. Stein. Stories include; The Haunted Mast, Night of The Living Dummy, Stay Out of The Basement and Night in Terror Tower
Gordon the Garden Gnome (Animation)  (UK)  (2000 >) 
Gordon the Garden Gnome, who does his bit to help the environment and the animals who live in his garden, helped along by his gnome pals Percy, Ian, Rosie, and Jerome.
Graham's Gang (Live Action)  (UK)  (1970's) 
It's about a gang. With a leader called Graham.
Gran (Puppets)  (UK) 
Stop-motion animation from Woodland Animations featuring Gran who, equipped with obligatory half-moon specs and rain-hood, would spend her days with her Grandson, Jim, riding motorbikes, gliding, playing in goal and keeping goats. As you do.
Grandad (Live Action)  (UK) 
Comical capers starring Clive Dunn.
Grange Hill (Live Action)  (UK) 
Long-running programme about a comprehensive school.
Gravedale High (Animation)  (USA) 
a high school where all the students are monsters ghosts and ghouls and so are the teaching staff, except schnieder, voiced by rick moranis Built inside an old cemetery, Gravedale High housed a motley crew of teenage monsters. Hanging out at the school’s coffin lockers were resident vampire and all-around cool dude Vinnie Stoker, mischievous Frankentyke, werewolf Reggie Moonshroud, ghost J.P. Ghastly the III, lagoon creature Gill Waterman, tubby mummy Cleofatra, invisible Sid, undead Southern belle Blanche, and the snake-headed material girl Duzer. The geeky, bespectacled Mr. Schneider had his hands full, but he had Gravedale’s spooky staff to help out—headmistress Ms. Crone, Coach Cadaver, Mr. Tutner, and others.
Great Egg Race (The) (Live Action)  (UK)  (1980's) 
Eggs and science ! Three teams line up to the challenge of propelling an egg.
Great Grape Ape Show (Animation)  (USA)  (1970's) 
Green Claws (Live Action)  (UK)  (1980's) 
A woman visits a big green monster who lives in a greenhouse.
Gublins, TheGublins, The (Animation)  (1970's) 
Animated stories of monkey like folk whose problems are just like ours.
Gummi Bears (Animation)  (USA)  (1980's) 
A long lost civilisation of little, colourful bears strive to rediscover their magical history with the help of some human friends. The crusade to re-establish their heritage and former place in society sounds noble enough - until you learn that the bears are fortified and driven by taking a secret, home-made substance called Gummi Berry Juice (see the lyrics!) The undisclosed recipe causes the bears to get incredibly high … into the air because it makes them jump and bounce and gain short lasting superpowers. Having the same effect on humans or any species, Gummi Berry Juice bottled and marketed had the potential to be bigger than Coke - and could have saved the critters very easily!

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